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About Us


Purpleshoshana is a Canada-based fashion label that deals with natural fur apparel and leather products. Founded in 2002 by Avi, it symbolizes passion for fashion for the quality-savvy fur fashionistas. She has been a pioneer in online sales of furs and has taken her passion to the next level by spreading the network across nations. The journey has been evolving all these years and the community of those adorning fur has been ever-growing! We believe in building connections, valuing them, and nurturing the bond by fulfilling our customers’ fur needs. We specialize in pre-owned furs and accept custom orders for new furs that come from the finest sources. All our pre-owned furs are professionally cleaned and kept in a cold storage fur vault.

 We, at purpleshoshana, understand you and your taste for fashion! When it comes to offering gorgeous furs for discriminating fur lovers, we go the extra mile to make it exclusive for them. That’s why we offer sophisticated whites, bright blacks, and grizzled greys to keep up with the vogue. Be it Full Length Minks, Silver Fox, Sable, Coyote, or more, you’ll find it all under one roof. Tailored to suit your ‘fur’ needs and keep you warm yet stylish, purpleshoshana brings the most exquisite fur collection in town!

 Purpleshoshana is dedicated to enriching its customers’ lifestyle by continuously adding latest chic fur styles to its list and providing unmatched elegant pre-owned and customized fur outwear. We care for the environment hence we deal in sustainable fur and leather – all of it sourced originally. All our products are safe to use and are made from high-quality fur and leather, without hurting/harming any animals. We ensure our customers that we follow all the wildlife/animals related rules and regulations as required by the US and Canada governments. Fur specialists take great care while designing and manufacturing the products from ethically sourced materials.

We are here for you to add fur to your timeless wardrobe collection. Flaunt your cozy silky comfortable styles to the world whenever you step out in winters!

 Think of fur…think purpleshoshana – your one stop online fur shop!

Leopard Print Nutria Fur Coat With Black Fox Collar S

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Leopard Print Nutria Fur Coat With Black Fox Collar S

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